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Gelatin in Confectionery 140-160 Bloom

Jelly Strength: 140~160 bloom.

Mesh:  8~60 mesh.
Form: Powder/Granules

Usage: Gum/Caramels/Meringues/Chewy Candy
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Gelatin is widely used in various confectionery products.Gelatin can be used in confectionery products alone or in conjunction with other colloids.It is widely used in the production of gelatine, liqueur candy, yogurt ingot, licorice, fruit flavor Swiss sugar and other products.

Adjust the freezing force of gelatin.The choice of low-freezing gelatine, the taste of the product will not bear chewing, but the use of less high-freezing gelatine, can produce the same hardness of the product.

The application of gelatin in candy

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