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Technical Gelatin 160-280 Bloom

Jelly Strength: 160~280 bloom.

Mesh: 8~60 mesh.

Form: Powder/Granules
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Usage: hardcover book/boxes making/ binding bookcover

Industrial gelatin is a kind of high molecular collagen protein extracted from animal connective, skin or bone. It has many excellent physical and chemical properties, such as forming reversible gel, adhesiveness and surface activity.Industrial gelatin is widely used in various products of plate, furniture, match, feed, packaging, papermaking, textile, silk, printing and dyeing, printing, ceramics, petroleum, daily chemical, coating, metallurgy and other industries, and it mainly plays the role of thickening, stabilization, coagulation, blending, glazing, sizing, bonding, and fixing water.

Industrial gelatin standards

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