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Soft Capsule Gelatin 140-190 Bloom

Jelly Strength: 140~190 bloom.

Mesh: 8~60 mesh.
Form: Powder/Granules
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Usage: Soft Capsule

A medical gelatin used to make soluble capsules (e.g. gelatin capsules, e.g. ovoid capsules) and to prepare medicines (e.g. marshmallows or lipid-free ointments) as an adjunct to the manufacture of oil emulsions.Gelatin is a versatile food.It has high viscosity and gelation characteristics, in the production of a variety of products as an important adhesive.Gelatin is usually obtained in the form of granules and powdered or flaky gelatin.

 Application of gelatin in Soft Capsule

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